Delicious Sweet Beef Casserole

With winter in full swing the yearning for slower cooked food creeps in… And one of my favourite casserole recipes also happens to be healthy, and super easy. It is a family recipe, passed down from my mother, and her mother, and is so simple, but overflowing with flavour that you will want to make this every week. One caveat – It does not photograph well!

It has a sweetness to it that satisfies even the pickiest eaters, but has no sugar added, nor packet mix base. With only 6 ingredients this won’t break the bank either.

Simply cut up an onion, 2 green apples – preferably granny smith, and toss them in a baking dish – I use our Le Cruiset. Soften them with some olive or coconut oil, and add in some raisins or sultanas – ideally organic and without sulphur preservatives. Once softened, stir through the curry powder, and allow to become fragrant – only takes a moment. Now the meat goes in – if you have time, brown it, if not add in the coconut milk (enough to cover), warm slightly on the stove, then stick it in the oven for 2-3 hours.

Apple, Onion and Sultanas    Pre oven

I like to put it in with the lid on. After an hour or so move the lid slightly off centre so some moisture can escape, and it will cook down, then with half an hour to go take the lid off all together if it is still too moist (Mine tends to be reduced enough so I skip this step). It will be browned and caramelised on top and totally delicious.(I have tried this in the slow cooker and it didn’t work nearly as well.. the higher heat means the fruit breaks down completely and the liquid reduces). The taste cannot be described. It is not like a curry, you would barely know it had coconut milk in it, and the fruit is no longer recognisable.. it is just delicious! If you are pressed for time this works very well with mince too…

Sweet Beef Casserole  IMG_6581

So how much of each should I use?

For 4 people:

1-2 brown onions
2 granny smith apples
50gm raisins or sultanas
3 tbsp curry powder
1.2kg meat – chuck steak or stewing meat works well
2 x 400ml tins of coconut milk
A dash of water if the meat isn’t covered with liquid

I like to serve it on a bed of jasmine rice, however it is also delicious on couscous or quinoa (or for a paleo option try cauliflower ‘rice’/‘couscous’ – recipe here). Pair it with some broccoli and voila!

If you have any chutney a dollop on top works very well, as does cucumber or banana mixed through natural yoghurt as a yummy side to stir through.

I promise you will want to make this again and again.

M x


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