An open letter to Kate Langbroek

Dear Kate,

I was listening to your drive show this afternoon on my way to the shops, and I could not have been more furious and disappointed. For those who did not hear the show around 4.15pm on Mix 102.3 in Adelaide – here is what happened.

Kate who has been undertaking a weight loss challenge for the past week, and is apparently struggling with it, stated that tonight to curb her appetite she wanted to take a sleeping pill and just go to bed so she could skip dinner.

This is wrong on so many levels, before you even consider the fact it was said in a public forum.

To suggest that being sedated is the only way to lose weight, or maintain willpower, is irresponsible and disrespectful to the many people out there that work hard to eat a wonderful healthy diet, and exercise.

To suggest in such a public forum, with impressionable listeners that this is a viable option is again irresponsible. When you consider the incidence of eating disorders, as well as the incidence of prescription drug overdoses, you should be ashamed.

To suggest that eating a healthy diet is ‘boring’, is misguided, and ill-informed. Perhaps listeners could send in some healthy, but equally delicious recipes for foods you are struggling to give up?

A caller said that he had had wonderful success in this past week following Hypnotherapy to curb his cravings, and the way you told him his new life – 8kg lighter sounded boring, was so dismissive and rude. His suggestion was much more constructive than pharmaceutical sedation, and would frankly make a more interesting radio segment. I would like to hear your feedback after undertaking some positive options – and maybe that is a way out of this, to atone to your producers, your listeners, and Hughsey. Try something different. Report back on it in a respectful way.

Hughsey tried time and again to change the subject, and dissuade you from this course of action, before the producers came in and ended the segment thankfully.

I realise there are many challenges when it comes to changing habits surrounding food, and I truly hope you manage to come to a place where you are happy with yourself, and with food.



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