Why I am more hesitant to offer advice these days.

We have recently moved house here in Adelaide, and we were without internet for over a month so I apologise for the radio silence. I have also been less vocal of late regardless of internet status and it hit me the other day as to why.

When I began this degree I was so excited to share everything I was learning with you all, and believed everything would help everyone. Now, 3 years later – I see that whilst that is admirable, it is not always possible. Everyone has a different story, or condition, and some things that help in one case, can hinder in another. We learn to be more reserved in our judgements, and listen to all the facts prior to speaking.

Previously if you’d said – this person is tired – I might have said ‘oh they may need more B Vitamins for energy, or they make be low in iron or magnesium!’. Now I would have many more questions prior to any conclusion. How are they sleeping? When are they tired? What are they eating? Are they over using caffeine? The list goes on.. And this is why when you see a naturopath for a simple issue they will want an entire case history including all areas of the body. Because it all interacts with each other. The tiredness could be due to prolonged stress depleting the bodies adrenal glands. It could be due to a leaky gut lining allowing particles of food through which creates an allergenic state causing fatigue… It could just be due to a few poor nights sleep! There is much more that goes on under the surface, and if we do not get to the correct cause we can only offer a bandaid solution.

I love that about Naturopathy, and other complementary medicines. They aim to correct the underlying issue so it is no longer there. We spoke in class the other day about spasmodic pain, and the lecturer gave suggestions of herbs to calm the spasm – but nothing to ease the pain. We asked why, and he said ‘if there is no longer spasm, there is no longer pain’. Where many GP’s would have told someone to take panadol or the like, then panadeine when the pain got stronger, or even opiate based pain relief – we just give something that stops the reason for the pain. voila. I realise this isn’t always possible, and we are grateful for pharmaceutical medicine (when necessary, and not overprescribed), but in many cases it would be prudent to explore why you are feeling pain, or illness, or anxiety, or bloating, or stress (and so on) and fix it at the root, would it not?

As you can see – this all comes down to asking more questions. And we should all be doing that with our own health. Don’t take things at face value, ask more, research more, become an advocate for your own wellbeing.

Your health is in your hands.

M xx


3 thoughts on “Why I am more hesitant to offer advice these days.

  1. antonika says:

    I’m so glad you posted this! You said it so perfectly. I notice we can be quick to make a decision aimlessly Making decision without really looking into the value of what we are putting on our body. I enjoy your post and am such a fanatic of natropathy. I hope to get my ND too.

  2. Antonika Chanel says:

    I really enjoy your post and even more knowing you are a Natropath. BTW do you use essential oils? Can I send you some samples of my doterra oils? I love to get your opinion. I get a lot or results from such a high quality of herbology.

    You are awesome!

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