Are you what you eat?

I feel like people are disconnected with what happens when they eat food. It seems like they believe that the food goes in the mouth, gets churned up in the tummy, goes through our intestines, and is pooped out again with no consequence to the rest of our system. In a sense this is true – the gastrointestinal tract is a ‘closed’ system that is in a way ‘outside’ of the body – it is open to the outside world, and closed to our other organs. We do however absorb a lot of what goes through it across the mucosal linings of our mouth, stomach, and intestines. We absorb our water, and fat soluble nutrients, our protein and fats, and lots of toxins that come along with most processed food.

I also feel like people think the body is what it is and doesn’t change. But each and every cell in our body is constantly renewing itself, and it can only do this with the building blocks we give it. So if we are putting junk food, alcohol, cigarette smoke, pesticides and other toxins in – what are our cells going to be make off? If we are not eating enough protein for synthesis of new cellular material what will happen? If we are ingesting trans fats and harmful oils like canola, and vegetable, what oils will the body use to make up our cellular membrane?

At the most basic level we truly are a reflection of what we eat.

So would you rather be full of energy, full of antioxidants, full of nutrients? or full of fat, full of refined carbs, lacking nutrition, lacking energy, lacking the building blocks for a healthy body?

Our bodies don’t go on forever. Yes we can push them hard in our youth and they bounce back, but over time if those habits don’t change one day we will find ourselves with one of the many serious diseases clogging up our hospitals (and arteries). Recent studies have shown that 70-90% of many diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Colon Cancer and Coronary Artery disease could be prevented by diet and lifestyle changes. Scary huh? Surely the effort to prevent something like this much outweighs the consequence of not doing so.

Eat well. Exercise. Be happy. Appreciate this wonderful life.