Prevention really is the best cure because disease isn’t caused by a lack of pharma drugs.

Vitamin deficiencies are real and for some reason most of the public think it is ok to fix them with pharmaceutical drugs.

We are all happy to admit that anemia is a deficiency of iron, however when other illnesses crop up most go straight to their GP without looking at the way they are treating themselves.. We really are what we eat. Our food is what contributes to our cellular makeup, our bodies ability to make energy, its ability to protect itself from pathogens, our bone health, our mental health, our gastrointestinal health, our cardiovascular health and pretty much every single part of our being. Now i’ve banged on before about the foods we should and shouldn’t be eating, but this post is simple.


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You wouldn’t think of treating microcytic anemia with something other than iron so why do we treat so many other disorders with drugs, before looking for the root cause?

A brilliant mind said “Illness is not caused by Drug Deficiency” – do any of the below seem like they are caused by a lack of metformin? a deficiency of Lipitor? a deficiency of statins?? I didn’t think so. Is a headache caused by a lack of panadol? These drugs might help to manage conditions but until the cause is identified and healed, that drug is only going to maintain you whilst most likely causing horrendous side affects.

For example corticosteroids have been shown to lead to osteoporosis – which will surely be treated with other steriodal drugs or crazy injections to manage the pain.. craziness.

Below is a list of actual deficiencies that can be treated by vitamins and minerals. If caught early enough.

Vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness, immune deficiency, eye dryness, those spots on your arms, impaired sperm production, and spontaneous abortion.

Vitamin B deficiencies leads to a multitude of fatigues, mental issues, skin problems, decrease in ability to deal with stress, poor memory, weakness, depression, risk of cardiac disease, insomnia, indigestion, thyroid issues, macrocytic anemia, and neural tube defects.

Vitamin C deficiency leads to scurvy, bleeding gums, decreased immunity, bleeding, bruising, fatigue, anemia, edema, depression and teeth falling out!

Vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets and osteomalacia (spongy bones!), generalised pain (everywhere!), poor calcium absorption, decrease male fertility, decrease immunity, fatigue, depression etc etc..

Vitamin E deficiency can cause infertility in males, reproductive issues in females, clots, increased risk of cancer, lots of oxidisation – especially in those who are overweight, and hardening of the arteries.

Are you getting the point?? A lot of things can happen in you don’t eat well! Lets keep going..

Vitamin K deficiency leads to clotting issues, bleeding, bruising, and an increased risk of osteoporosis..

Then we have the minerals.. Magnesium deficiency will lead to cramping, eye twitches, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, nausea, heart spasms and myocardial ischemia..

CoQ10 deficiency leads to congestive heart failure, fatigue, high blood pressure, and impaired immunity

Zinc deficiency leads to male infertility, impaired immunity, impaired taste, depression, skin problems..

So do you see??? There are so many diseases that are created the general populations inability to eat well, or look after themselves, and not their lack of pharmaceutical drugs or antibiotics..

None of these deficiency examples are by any means a complete list, which just points out how important food is. It is what we eat every day and if we can get our nutrients from it without needing supplements thats amazing. If we need a little top up thats ok too..

The quote comes from a fascinating article by a former pharmacist which can be found here and I am happy to provide any extra info on each vitamin/mineral. Most of the info is sourced from my studies however here is a table that is a quick way to check each nutrients benefits and deficiencies.

I’m not saying all pharmaceuticals drugs are bad, nor that they don’t have their place. They are just extremely overprescribed for conditions that could be easily prevented, or treated with proper nutrition.