Alcohol free April and the Meal Plan

My boyfriend and I have given up alcohol for the month of April, and whilst we’ve said this will be our clean eating month we’re not going overboard – hello, it was just Easter, we can’t let the chocolate go off.

We are however going to implement a meal plan and try and decide what to buy and eat weekly because I find that when we don’t have an idea in mind at 6pm we tend to opt for takeaway (because lets face it, it’s delicious and we often rationalize that it’ll cost less than going to the supermarket). This isn’t the case if you plan your meals with common ingredients in mind. Another reason for this (and the month off booze) is our trip to Fiji next month – we have become the kind of couple that love to unwind and discuss the days events over a glass of wine and whilst it’s certainly enjoyable, the cost (and the empty calories) add up.

Once I have finalized our meal plan I’d love to share it with you – our basic plan at the moment is to include some of the following on a weekly rotation:

  • Soups
  • Lentil dishes (either with meat, or rice to make it a complete protein)
  • Meat/fish dishes
  • Quinoa dishes

(All full of veggies of course)

What else should we add?

When you decide to have meatless dishes you need to make sure that the meal still contains protein – an easy way to do this is to use quinoa or tempeh as they are both complete (contain all 9 essential amino acids). Most other not meat proteins are incomplete – missing one or two of the nine. This can be rectified by combining one type with another – ie:

Lentils are low in methionine and tryptophan, however this is present in whole grain rice, thus the reason these two are often served together.

Grains are low in lysine, however this is present in legumes and beans – beans on toast! (not a favourite of mine, but illustrates the concept :)

Another supercharged way to add protein is with eggs – they are the benchmark all other protein is measured against – nutritionally they are perfect, with everything in the correct ratio, and if anyone tells you they raise your cholesterol give them a quick slap up the side of their head for being ignorant. Please try and buy organic or certified free range from a farm you trust, or the nutritional content may vary.

I am hoping at the end of this month we will have added many new wonderful healthy meals to our repertoire, and feel great!

If anyone has any meal ideas/plans that they use I would love to hear them!



4 thoughts on “Alcohol free April and the Meal Plan

  1. Pheasant Plucker says:

    I’ve pondered the alcohol-free day/week/month before and come to the conclusion that I would either not even notice or break down. The reason being that nowadays I very rarely go out with the objective of drinking – it’s usually more a case of a drink happens when social stuff eventuates. Whether I could easily substitute booze with something else is a good question. I do like buying bulk (read: a slab) just so there’s always something in the fridge in case of visitors or sudden thirst, but they last a lot longer than they used to.

    I’ll be watching this space closely for the meal plans!

    • Peppermint tea thyme says:

      My comment just deleted itself! I had written a really long reply, scrolled up to reread and it was gone. Second time today WordPress has deleted something – It tried to take away my whole post earlier! Luckily I had it in Word as well..

      We no longer go out drinking either, but I certainly love a wine over dinner with friends – which was highlighted when we went to After the Tears tonight for dinner and couldn’t order any of their amazing vodka and vino :(

      Will get onto the food planning as soon as I finish Spin and Win!

  2. David Manz says:

    Hi guys, I hate to disagree but “soups, lentils and quinoa”. I mean really!!
    Just think of the withdrawals you will suffer.
    I can help out with specials on wine if you want to break the alco free day stuff.
    Dont you have any compassion for the alco manufacturers whose sales will dip!
    If you were really serious about this you would want to run some tests 1st and 30th of month to test for differences in health.
    Hair loss, headaches, irritability.
    Good luck. I hope this is not a late April Fools Joke!!
    Cheers Dad

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