Why do you eat what you eat?

The new school year has begun and I find it hard to believe we are already in week 6! Our workload has ramped up from last year, and we are learning some amazing things. I haven’t written any posts recently however as most of them would have been all CAPS yelling at the state of the world and I’m sure you don’t want to just be subjected to rants…

This trimester we are focusing on Biochemistry, Pathology, Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition and covering topics such as immunity, inflammation & fever, herbal actions, food for medicine, the synthesis of cholesterol/fatty acids/glucose, cancer, and vaccinations.

Below are some of the questions this year has brought up for me – whether you answer them in the comments section, or just in your head, have a think about why you eat/shop the way you do.. I’d be fascinated to hear any responses..

When you go shopping why do you choose the foods you do? Is it for health – or to stay skinny?? Or purely about taste? Do you think about what is in them?

Do you always buy the same fruit and veggies or do you vary it to make sure you get nutrients of different types?

Is long term health a factor? Is this something you believe can be helped by food? If yes, is that something you would change now, or are you waiting to get sick to start eating better?

When you buy oil do you think that the kind of fat it contains will soon be the kind of fat that surrounds all of the cells in your body? Did you know that altered cell membrane function is associated with almost every disease process in the body? So should we not be putting only the best fats into our body to ensure we stay healthy?

Do you worry about the extra ingredients they put in food such as preservatives, flavours, colours and nitrates and what they might do to your body?

Would you drink a glass of formaldehyde? If no, do you drink diet soft drinks or eat foods with aspartame? It’s the same thing…


Let me know your thoughts on this…


M xx