Fat free cherries?? Is this what the world has come to?

I have been taking a well earned break after completing this first year of study, however whilst in the car the other day a radio advertisement got me quite angry. No, not that stupid Hungry Jack’s one where the guy orders a thickshake and is told ‘that will be $1’ (this ad for some reason gets me really mad!) – It was an ad for cherries. Beautiful fresh yummy nutrient dense cherries. But that’s not how they described them. They waffled on for a bit and then said ‘Cherries are low GI, and fat free’. I’m sorry, what? What is this world coming to if we even have to state that fruit, glorious fresh fruit is fat free?!

Our obsession with ‘Fat Free’ needs to stop or change drastically – fat is not the enemy as I have stated before, we need *good* fat to function and be healthy, and some fats actually help us burn stored body fat. Fat is an integral part of our cell membranes, without which, or through eating bad fats, we can damage.

I never buy anything that states that it is ‘fat free’ or some percentage of. Furthermore, I never buy anything that has a health claim on it. Food that is healthy doesn’t need to state that is, because it is normally a single ingredient product, or a vegetable that is hard to put a sticker on! If it has a health claim on it it is most likely an overprocessed food – read the ingredients and find where they are hiding the bad stuff – if it’s sugar free, what horrible sweetener have they substituted, for example.

English: A pair of cherries

Do you agree? Do you disagree?

Should we be advertising fresh foods as fat free?

M xx