Slique Weight Management Tea is here!!

Guess what?!

Slique tea is now available in Australia! For all of you who were interested after my post on weight loss but weren’t sure about getting it sent from the States, you can now get it direct from Brisbane to your door..

I was lucky enough to try it on Sunday at an information session and let me tell you – It was really tasty! Full of Jade Oolong tea along with other fabulous ingredients it has a two pronged attack on weight management.

Oolong tea has long been heralded for its health benefits – contributing to a marked reduction in cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, as well as assisting in maintaining blood glucose levels in diabetics and increasing energy expenditure and fat burning. One study concluded that those who drank Oolong tea prior to and following meals burnt 12% more fat than those drinking plain water.

Slique tea is made of premium quality Jade Oolong – and incorporates other wonderful weight management ingredients such as cinnamon bark which has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, cacao powder which is high in vitamin C and magnesium as well as lots of anti-oxidants (and helps quench our chocolate cravings!), vanilla essence with all its amazing calming properties, ground nutmeg to stimulate digestion, frankincense powder to improve digestion and give us wonderful healthy skin, and a little bit of stevia so we aren’t tempted to add sugar!

Some reported benefits include:

  • Losing stubborn hard to shift weight
  • Decreased appetite
  • A reduction in sugar cravings
  • Increased energy
  • Clearer mind

Other benefits of Oolong include improved skin health – especially eczema, healthier teeth and a stronger immune system.

Wow – this all sounds like something that I want, especially if it’s as easy as drinking a few cups of tea!

Here are the details direct from Young Living:

At $29.95 wholesale for a pack of 25 tea bags it is just over a dollar a day (as each tea bag can be reused a couple of times to get the full nutritional benefit out of it).

How do you order them?? The easiest way to sign up for wholesale prices is to pay a one off $45 payment towards a ‘Start Living Kit’ that includes 2 free oils, some NingXia Red sachets, a product pricing brochure and lots of other info. This is all easily done via the website – and if I am the person who introduced you enter my member number – 1255595 as the person who referred you.

As always, I am more than happy to answer any questions about the tea, or other products you might be interested in. These are so close to my heart as they give us back control of our own health, in our own homes. If you would like to discuss them privately email

Of course we need to keep in mind that this needs to be done with a balanced nutritional diet and exercise – and maybe some of the tips from my previous weight loss blog, and recipes.