Young Living Melbourne Event – Weight Loss Masterclass – 7th October 2012

For those that read my Weight loss post the other day and were interested in learning more about the Slique tea – Young Living is holding an event on Sunday 7th October in Box Hill (Melbourne). The details from their email are below: (I’m having a bit of trouble with the formatting  in this theme – apologies for the size differences in the text)

Did you know that essential oils are able to directly affect our feeling of “satiety” (the feeling of fullness in our stomach, which in turn regulates our appetite)? This is because of the unique way that the aroma of essential oils works on the limbic region of the brain….so through our brain they direct messages to our stomach about what we want to eat, and how much we want to eat. Learn to tap into this wonderful side-benefit of essential oils, in order to achieve your ideal weight. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn which oil to sniff before meals, so that you are not tempted to overeat
  • Discover the amazing supplement that makes you crave healthy food
  • Food lovers anonymous (is that you)? Which essential oil roll-on to use…..
  • Cellulite – learn a simple recipe for everyday use, which is uplifting to the moods as well!!!
  • The “magic” addition…..Grapefruit oil…..I’d never be without it!!!
  • The 10 day Master Cleanse and the 6 day Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse – support for any health regime
  • Slique Tea – the ultimate drink for achieving the slender you – learn all about the science behind it, and how to use it!!!! This is a key part of the presentation, and you will be truly inspired by what you learn.
  • Taste and try…..Slique Tea, and Slique Essence (here’s your chance to see how DELICIOUS these products are)


Venue Details (Melbourne):

Bookings Essential to help us with planning

The Tudor, Box Hill  (Henry Room)

1101 Whitehorse Road

Box Hill, Melbourne

In each of these classes, we want to cater to both experienced Young Living oils users, and anyone new to their essential oil journey. For that reason, we’ve chosen the following 2.5 hour format for each class. The cost for these events (whether you attend part of all of the event) is $10 (pay at the door), which contributes towards event coordination, venue costs, and oils and other materials used at the event. Thank you for your contribution.

  • First hour – Discover Young Living Essential Oils. We will have some of our most experienced leaders conducting this first hour each week, so come along, bring (or refer) your friends, and learn something new every time!
  • This hour is the perfect “playshop” for anyone new to the world of Young Living Essential Oils. You will learn about:
  • What makes essential oils a perfect choice for a healthy family
  • How to use the 9 oils in the Everyday Oils kit for numerous home uses
  • What makes the Young Living Essential Oils different to any other brand of essential oils
  • Next half hour – Assistance with Ordering. If you’ve loved what you heard, and found some great products to help yourself and your loved ones, here’s your chance to have assistance with ordering. If you wish to attend only the in-depth training, please arrive during this half hour.
  • Final hour – In depth Training. We will cover a different and fascinating topic each class, to assist you in gaining in-depth understanding of practical uses for the Young Living products. This class will be conducted by Artemis, or a featured guest speaker. It will be perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced, so long as you have attended at least one “Discover Young Living Essential Oils” class so that you understand the basics of Young Living essential oil use.


This is one of many classes coming up over the next few months so if you are interested in hearing more about them let me know and I will keep you in the loop.

Bookings are essential so if you would like to attend please email me at and I will let them know you are coming! It will be a wonderful and informative afternoon with lots of amazing oils to play with.

For any more details do not hesitate to email me, or comment below.

M xx


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