Weight loss – uncensored.

One thing I haven’t really touched on in my posts is weight loss.. I am not a calorie counter, I don’t analyse each meal, and I hope that I never do. I believe that a well-rounded diet full of wholesome foods of all colours and types will provide our bodies with the proper nutrition to sustain us, and to assist with energy, detoxification and wellness.

However, I realise that some of us have stubborn fat that won’t budge and would probably like some tips. So other than doing the above here are a few things I have learnt recently.

First and foremost – and this one is going to sound too easy – make sure you’re drinking water. Silly right? Coz we all drink water all day – but are you drinking enough? All metabolic processes in the body, such as energy production, the elimination of toxins, and burning of fats require a water environment to work. So just by having the right amount of water can help you lose weight without moving a muscle.. The amount of water required varies from person to person – it is not the ‘8 glasses a day’ the government recommends but can be easily calculated by multiplying 30mls of water per kilo of body weight. So a person that weighs 60kg will need to consume 1.8L of water (60 x .03 = 1.8)s. And if that sounds too much try calculating it per hour you’re awake, so roughly 16 hours – and you’ll find that per hour you need about 112.5mls. That’s nothing! So up your water intake and let me know the results..

Most of us know that drinking water helps flush out sodium – but how much sodium do we need in our diet? The amount is astoundingly minimal. To get our required daily sodium and chloride (the constituents of table salt) we only need 3/4 tsp. That’s it. That’s nothing when you add the salt you put on your eggs in the morning, or dinner at night to all the processed food you eat – it adds up. One of the highest sodium foods is stock powders, as well as processed meats and packaged foods. If you want to lose weight, throw them away.

Also – throw away anything that says ‘fat free’ or ‘sugar free’. It’s not. Would you prefer to eat something that puts weight on through feeding you artificial sugars and syrups that your body has trouble processing, and stores as fat, and that makes you always feel hungry? Or would you prefer to eat real food that tastes good, has metabolism boosting properties and is full of nutrients.. For me it’s an easy decision… you?

Today an article was released stating that 3 more studies have linked soft drinks to obesity. I touched on this in a previous post (if you want to do some more reading) but basically soft drinks are full of High Fructose Corn Syrup (which is also in a lot of processed foods) and this gets converted straight to fat (whilst causing gout and hunger pangs). Stop drinking soda, and stop drinking anything ‘diet’ – diet coke is not better for you, it’s full of artificial sugars that cause the body to be highly acidic which in turn leaches calcium from your bones putting you at risk of osteoporosis.

Am I being too harsh? If so I apologise – I get very worked up about the fact that we are not educated about this enough. This should be taught in High School. It should be available information for everyone considering the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the globe (or at the least the Western part that loves processed food).

Obviously exercise is important – however it is the food you consume ultimately that contributes to either weight loss or gain. It’s just maths really – we all burn a certain amount of calories (or kilojoules for us Aussies) each day without doing anything – it’s the energy we need to keep functioning. On top of that we burn kj’s walking to our cars, getting to work, and doing chores. These two things, minus the kj’s of the food we eat decide whether today is weight loss or weight gain. Now I told you I hate counting this, and obviously it all equals out in the wash – I hate it when someone says they ate pizza yesterday so all they’re eating today is celery – that’s not how it works. And eating less has been shown not to work either. The diets full of whole grains, meats, fish, chicken, vegetables of all colours, fruit, and good fats, with a large healthy breakfast, a sustaining lunch, and a delicious dinner are the ones that work. The ones where you restrict what you are eating to the point that at the end of the day you need to gorge yourself on chocolate, or bread to feel sane are not the answer. If you tell me that a ‘healthy diet’ is boring I will seriously beg to differ… When you drink enough water to rid your body of the toxins, and give it time to heal and not crave crap anymore, you will discover how amazing veggies taste. How satisfying quinoa is. How amazing the chocolate alternative slice is for any sweet cravings..

I have one more secret weapon up my sleeve and it comes in the form of Slique Tea. It is a brand new Young Living product that took 2 years to create and is a weight management supplement. It helps keep cravings at bay, is full of fat burning constituents, is completely natural, and actually tastes delicious… I was lucky enough to attend a Young Living seminar last month headlined by Dr Cole Wooley – the research Chemist and Food Scientist who created this product, where an amazingly brave woman shared her weight loss story. Weighing 90kg at only 5ft tall she was confined to a wheelchair and told she would need 2 knee reconstructions and possibly surgery to staple her stomach. With her last ounce of willpower she signed up for the ‘Slique Challenge’ – a competition run in America leading up to the most recent YL Convention in May. Being quite a few weeks behind other competitors she decided to try her hardest, and possibly lose 1kg a week, or 18kg by Convention. She reached that goal in 14 weeks, and then just for fun lost another 5kgs. Being confined to a wheelchair she couldn’t exercise at first – but understood the necessity to change her diet. She started using YL’s Powermeal – a protein powder infused with essential oils that assist with weight loss, and drank around 5 cups of Slique tea a day along with a strict regimen of good food.

To date Slique tea is only available via the American website, but can be shipped to Australia. It should be available here within the month.

Slique stands for ‘Slim physique’… isn’t that something we all want? Oh and did I mention it has chocolate in it?! Well raw cacao powder, but that’s the best of the best when it comes to chocolate full of nutrients! It also comes in a gum, an essential oil, and capsules!

Other essential oils that are great for weight loss are grapefruit – as it helps dissolve fats from the body, Lemon Myrtle, cinnamon – for its amazing ability to regulate blood sugar, and peppermint – which studies have shown to reduce how much you eat if sniffed before your meal.

But before all this – take the free option! Drink the required amount of water every day and let me know if you see a difference in the first week..

This is by no means a complete list, but the first of what I hope will be some great tips.

Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me either through comments or privately via peppermintteathyme@live.com.au

M xx

*Again, for anyone wanting to order any of the Young Living products I’ve spoken about go to this website, decide whether it’s an Australian product or one of the ones I mentioned can only be order at present from the US and click the appropriate site. If you are not already a member you will need the member number of the person that introduced you – if that’s me its 1255595. For more info check out my Essential Oils page.


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