Bread oh bread oh bread…

Now that my margarine rant is out of the way I feel I should follow it with something that equally annoys me. Bread.

Bread is something most of us eat everyday but how often do you look at the ingredient list? (If you’re me you don’t buy anything without looking but hey, not everyone is this pedantic right?).

Bread in my opinion should contain: flour, water, yeast/sourdough culture, salt, and maybe a sweetener like sugar or honey to activate the yeast. That’s it. 4 – 5 ingredients.  I’m not saying all bread will only have 4 ingredients, but you want to know that the basic recipe is as natural as possible – from there nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, oils and other cultures can be added.

This seems simple right?? So why isn’t bread made this way? Because all natural foods have a tendency to degrade. So mass producers will add anti mould agents, preservatives, and other chemicals and numbers. They also take out most of the nutrients, and pump it full of synthetic vitamins so it sounds appealing. You’ve all seen the health claims – added folic acid and thiamine inside! Yay! Not.. When added in this manner it is the inactive form of the vitamin, and when heated, coz lets face it, they have to cook bread, the vitamins are damaged and of no use to our bodies.

So when someone recently brought to my attention that Coles ‘Fresh baked in store today’ bread is actually made in Ireland it made me really mad. Here is a link to the original article in The Australian. Basically its part baked in Ireland, frozen, shipped to Australia, where ‘bakers’ at Coles put it in the oven to finish the cooking process and stick a fresh baked today label on it. (Not all Coles bread is produced/baked this way, however most Coles bread doesn’t come under my category of real food anyway so stay away from it all). Not only is this taking away local jobs, its putting a product on peoples tables that could be many weeks/months old.

White bread – or white death as my mother always called it, whilst ever so tasty and fluffy is certainly part of the reason we as a nation or getting sick, becoming intolerant to grains and forming allergies. To make white bread they must take off the outer coating and germ – which is where all of the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes required to digest the wheat are found. Without this part the remaining flour has almost negative nutritional value and would be better utilized making playdough. Further to that the flour is then bleached so it comes out all white and shiny.. Mmmm bleach.

So I implore you – look at the ingredient list.. If there is an essay put it back. This is something we eat on such a regular basis so make sure it’s worth eating, and not going to do you more harm than good.

What do you buy?

M xx


5 thoughts on “Bread oh bread oh bread…

  1. Gaye Kendall says:

    We buy Natural Tucker Multigrain Casalinga. Ingredients are organic wholemeal flour, organ wholemeal leaven, and pumpkin/sesame/sunflower/linseeds/poppy seeds, water and sea salt. It is so yummy toasted or with cheese and relish. It might be $6 for a loaf but it’s a meal in itself and we know we’re not eating garbage!
    Love your articles Miranda.

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