Wonderful blog from The Mindful Foodie on Gluten

This is a great blog on Gluten – what it is, how it affects you and alternatives..


6 thoughts on “Wonderful blog from The Mindful Foodie on Gluten

  1. Lollerskater says:

    I try to eat wheat free as much as possible because it does make me feel pretty awful. I also stick to a low-lactose diet when I can. My Mum recently stayed with my husband and I for about 2.5 months – she just moved into her own place last weekend, and I went grocery shopping with her to help her stock her fridge and pantry. I noticed she bought many of the same foods I buy for my household – lactose free milk, rye bread, etc. She also asked me what brands and types of other items we use, like gravy powder (Orgran’s vegan, vegetable based gravy powder). She said she has been feeling a lot better since eating those things and wanted to stick with them in her own place. That’s great for when I visit her, too!

      • Lollerskater says:

        I think that as that is how most people have eaten for years, if not their whole life, they don’t even realise how bad they feel. They just think it’s normal. Once you stop eating those things, then indulge… you feel AWFUL.

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