Home remedies for stomach bugs

This post has been very popular through Pinterest and google and I thought an update might be warranted :) It has some handy product suggestions that you can keep on hand when travelling or at home to help prevent or assist with all kinds of stomach bugs.. 


So this Sunday morning I awoke to text messages from both of my sisters with a similar question. My older sisters husband had been vomiting all night, and my younger sister in Vietnam had a very unsettled stomach..

They were both already doing some great things to help, but wanted to see if I had further advice to share. Both were aware of how great ginger is for any stomach related issue – especially vomiting as it helps things descend, and had either taken ginger drops or made ginger tea by slicing up some fresh ginger and adding hot water.  The following are some tips I gave them – I hope this helps!

One of my great loves is Apple Cider Vinegar which I should devote a whole post to one day, but with these kind of tummy bugs it is wonderful as it is very alkaline and the bugs need an acidic environment, so they can’t survive. It would be my first line of defense – say 2 tbsp in water as soon as you feel that gurgling. I find Bragg’s to be the best brand and that is available in many healthfood stores. It is also wonderful for indigestion and a great general tonic to boost immunity, ward off allergies, and stay vital.

My brother in law was feeling a bit achy so our wonderful Young Living Peppermint comes in handy – this is great for tummys and also helps reduce pain, so rubbed on the stomach, and inhaled this will help with nausea and calm the gut. Another blend they had on hand is Purification which my sister was diffusing alternatively with Thieves, to help kill any airborne bugs..

My little sis – being in Vietnam had luckily taken Ultraprobioplex capsules with her which are made from Colostrum and are wonderful at halting these things in their tracks. She was mixing the powder with yoghurt – another great tummy tonic – and adding a drop of Thieves Oil for good measure. My other recommendations to her were rice and congee – as the Asian cultures have used rice water to treat a stomach upset for decades, and burnt toast – as the charcoal absorb toxins in the gut. Activated Charcoal can be purchased at pharmacies to keep in your ‘medicine’ cabinet and is what they use for extreme cases of food poisoning or overdose in hospitals.

My other go to remedy that most people have on hand is lemon juice in water – lemon and vinegar when digested are the most alkaline things you can ingest and as mentioned previously, create an environment where the bugs can’t survive. So sipping fresh lemon, ginger and honey tea would be a great help..

I would love to hear any home remedies you have used, or old wives tales passed down through your family, and hope this comes in handy..

M xx


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