Low fat this, low carb that.. Seriously..

One thing that always bothers me is hearing people say ‘I want something low fat, something low carb.. Something low in sugar…’ People, we need to change our mentality!

Yes we should be saying ‘I want something without Trans Fats – or something low in saturated fats’ BUT we should also be saying ‘Give me something high in essential fatty acids, because, you know, my body can’t make them and I need to eat them on a daily basis to keep my brain working, skin healthy, my central nervous system and eyes healthy, and reduce any inflammation in my body…’

And low carb should mean low in REFINED horrible carbs that my wonderful book Healing with Wholefood says: Whenever we eat refined food, whether it be white-flour foods, denatured rice and other cereals, or refined oils and sugars, we limit the opportunity to bolster our immune system, keep our blood sugar and emotions balanced protect against degenerative diseases, maintain a trim and fit body, and in general, keep our integrated experience of life harmonious..’

Wow.. that seems to me a pretty good list of reasons to ‘swap’ as our government would say.. We should be saying ‘can I have something high in wholegrains, full of fibre and containing proper sugars, rather than any of those artificial chemical ones, because my body runs on glucose, high fructose corn syrup causes obesity and aspartame is poisonous..’

What is hard to explain to people is that the full fat version in its natural state is much easier to digest than something modified – skinny milk for example, or reduced fat butter – we need all of the components so our bodies can recognise them as a food, and digest it accordingly.. This is the reason Trans fats have become so dangerous – they are modified and our body has no idea what to do with it, so it just stores it, never to be digested or eliminated. Imagine if you are eating a lot of them…

Ok… enough of a rant? I guess i just wish clinical nutrition was a subject everyone had to do at high school – we are never taught the true value of food, or vitamins and its evident from the way society eats, and looks that this info could be beneficial :)


6 thoughts on “Low fat this, low carb that.. Seriously..

  1. Lollerskater says:

    I think I’m going to need to enlist your help in setting a new diet for myself! I’ve been so bad for ages now. I ate whatever I wanted when I was pregnant because I lost so much weight in the first trimester and so could get away with it. The trouble is I kept eating that way after my baby was born and suddenly I’ve put on MORE than the ten kilos I lost when I was sick… So now I need to break some serious bad habits and addictions and eat well again… the trouble is I don’t think I really understand what is good for me!

    • Peppermint tea thyme says:

      I think a lot of people are in the same boat as you and I hope I can help! I guess it mainly comes down to reducing processed food and making sure you’re eating good fats, good carbs and proteins – it’s really about going back to the natural form for best nutrition and weight :)

  2. Pheasant Plucker says:

    It seems an odd notion that, after all humanity’s “progress” we really should just go back to eating stuff as we find it.

    Are you going to venture into meal plans to supplement the recipes here? I’d be very interested in even basic plans like “fish twice a week, no meat for three days” etc.

    • Peppermint tea thyme says:

      It seems the only progress they made was to the detriment of health and the benefit of the manufacturing and processed food industry.. I have a good quote that I’ll post soon, and will look into meal plan stuff – not something we’ve done heaps of though yet..

  3. Treasa says:

    Great post! I’ve recently started studying a bit of wholistic nutrition and herbalism and it’s quite interesting to find out that most of the things I learned about nutrition in elementary school through college are incorrect -fat and carbs and sugars aren’t necessarily bad and it’s not all about calories. We do need to be careful about quantities -too much sugars, fat, carbs and calories would be bad but it is more important to pay attention to the kind of sugars, fat, carbs and calories. I can eat a low fat, low carb, low calorie diet and be poisoning myself with processed foods and causing all sorts of damage to my body. Or I can eat healthy sugars (fruit, honey), healthy fat (real saturated fat in moderation, fish, nuts), and healthy carbs (whole grains) and be much healthier because my body knows how to digest these foods and they contain the nutrients necessary for my body to function correctly.

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