Sleep is something i’m craving, however I am in the middle of exams at the moment so will have to wait a little longer.. I haven’t had a lot of time to post recently and for that I apologise but I found something cool the other day that i wanted to share..

A lot of people seem to be having trouble sleeping and one remedy that myself, friends and family have found invaluable is Young Living’s Cedarwood Essential Oil. A small amount applied to the feet, wrists or chest, or diffused throughout the room makes me fall asleep (even if i’m trying not to! haha). Physiologically it stimulates the limbic part of the brain as well as the pineal gland which in turn releases Melatonin – the hormone we need to fall asleep :)


I’ve spoken briefly about the oils and am always amazed at how they work so quickly, I love that feeling that you can take charge of your own health through something so natural..

I also read a study earlier that discussed how through evolution our sleep patterns have changed. There is documented evidence that hundreds of years ago we slept in two four hour blocks with around a two hour break in between.. It was quite common for people to get up and chat, socialise etc and then go back to bed.. They also spoke about how the anxiety we feel about not sleeping enough can have an impact on our health. Every now and then I wake up and can’t sleep for a few hours and without knowing this I tend to worry – however maybe next time it happens i’ll take comfort in knowing that it might not be for a negative reason – maybe its just what’s needed :)

If that doesn’t work I think this is a lovely way of looking at it!


Do you have trouble sleeping??

M xx

If anyone wants more information on Cedarwood – or wants to join the multitude of my friends that already have some please don’t hesitate to ask for more info – at around $20 for a bottle its a bargain!


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