Food as medicine

I recently posted a quotation that encompasses my reason for studying this wonderful degree.. Most of us go through life not realising the impact foods can have on our health – yes we know that if we eat fast food it isn’t good for you, and will make you fat – but other than knowing that veggies are good for us do we know why??

I love the concept that we can tailor our eating to suit whatever ailment we may have, or to support our immune and digestive systems. This forms a large part of Chinese Medicine, and the traditional Asian diet, and is something we seem to have lost in Australia.

I’m hoping to bring you lots of tips over the course of my degree but here are some to start with:

Did you know that eating artichoke increases bile production in the liver by 100%?

Or that your stomach and liver LOVE lemon juice and apple cider vinegar as they alkalise the body??

Or that peppermint and fennel teas are wonderful for digestion?

Sage breaks down fats in meals and is therefore the reason we make a burnt sage butter..

Rosemary works in a similar way with Lamb, aiding with digestion.

Fresh food really is the answer to health, it holds so many vitamins and nutrients that support different organs and give us the ability to build ourselves and our immune systems up – or we can feed our body poorly and wonder why we end up with disease.. So eat fresh, eat local, eat what’s in season. Find a local market, or green grocer, a butcher that prides themselves on quality, and you’ll notice the difference..

A lot of people have recipes passed down to them from their mother, or grandmother that have probably been termed old wives tales – but there will be a reason it works for each ailment :) The good old garlic, lemon and honey tea when you have a cold, the chicken soup, or the hot toddy should be prescribed by all doctors :)

What do you cook when you’re sick, or use to stay healthy?


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