The evolution of medicine


A friend sent me this last night and I had to laugh… We always seem to come full circle don’t we? Whether it’s with the change to buying local fruit and veg again from a market, rather than supporting the big supermarkets, or to shopping at the wonderful butchers that are around, we seem to be trying to reestablish a network of great quality fresh food, as well as the way we look at our health and I for one am happy :)


3 thoughts on “The evolution of medicine

  1. David Manz says:

    I can recommend kaffir limes which I acquired from a client today for added flavour and home grown broccoli, although some scumbag stole 3 heads of mine o/nite

  2. Lollerskater says:

    Heh, that made me smile, but it is true. We try to support our local fruit & vege shop, but unfortunately the butcher next door changed hands a few months ago and has really gone down the drain. I’ve been lazy and have just been buying meat from the supermarket, it’s hard to find another good butcher with the range and quality that our’s used to.

    • Peppermint tea thyme says:

      Oh it’s sad when that happens, our great butcher near mum and dads did that too.. we luckily had one reopen round the corner that has great meats and lots of other gourmet foods so lets hope people support them :)

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