Quick easy noodles with tomato mushroom and parsley


Some of you may know that I have recently started working at a nearby bar whilst studying and today I discovered one of the perks – wine training!

We met at the upstairs bar at 3pm and tried every wine that we sell by the glass and some of the new menu items.. Nice way to spend a cold Tuesday afternoon? Certainly!

Anyway, I came home starving and wanting something hearty and easy and went to the fridge. I don’t follow recipes much so I grabbed a few things, threw them in the pan and voila!

I started with onion, garlic, chopped tomato and some parsley, added a dash of white wine and the mushrooms and let it simmer on a very low heat… Then went in some chilli, dried thyme, tuna and a dash of balsamic to caramelise.. Instead of pasta I used soba noodles and mixed them through once cooked.. All in all a very quick, tasty meal with great health properties :)

Do you make your own pasta sauces??

M xx


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