What do we actually need for proper nutrition?


I love this image I found on Pinterest because it highlights how far off track our eating patterns have become.. These days everything is processed and comes in a box or a bag and has a bazillion ingredients. This is not how any of us should eat if we wish to live a long healthy happy life. So – eat what our grandparents did:

Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Veggies | Wholegrains | Unprocessed Meat | Whole Dairy Products

In our Clinical Nutrition course we have been discussing what constitutes a healthy diet conducive with weight management and longevity and some will be shocked at just how simple it is..

A proper nutritious diet consists of protein, carbohydrates and fats at every meal… Thats it..

So lets start with fats:

When I tell people that for proper nutrition they need to eat fat, they freak out. There has been so much publicity surrounding bad fats that people have put a blanket ban on all of them. This issue with this is that our body needs GOOD fats to be able to process nutrients that are fat soluble such as Vitamins A, D, E and K. Without fat these go to waste. An example of this is salad – a salad with some olive oil is much more beneficial that plain undressed salad.

When I say good fats I mean things like avocado, olive oil, raw nuts.. I also mean fish like salmon and sardines. These fats actually speed up your metabolism and assist with burning off fat.  Your omega 3’s & 6’s are also fats and they are absolutely essential to your body. There are different ways of obtaining these – flaxseed oil for the vegetarians is a good start – but you will need much more than the meat eaters, and some good fatty fish.

Which brings me to fish oils – these are often not worth purchasing as they are very delicate and the process of purification and bottling normally means that by the time they reach you they are rancid. Some of the cheap brands try to cover this up by putting plastic in the capsules! There are 2 Norwegian brands however that have this down to an art and produce quality capsules. (This however is not a paid advertisement :) ) Another way to ensure they are better quality is to purchase them as a liquid, or just split one open and taste it, you’ll soon know if its off :)

Since learning this i have begun trying to incorporate good fats into each meal and it hasn’t been hard.. at breakfast I cook my egg with coconut oil, have some quality butter on my toast (there will be a margarine rant in the foreseeable future), and I take a couple of Young Living Omega Blue fish oils..

At lunch I often have avocado, or a grain/veggie salad with olive oil and freshly ground linseeds (thank god for the thermomix..)

Dinner tends to naturally include more of these fats – however if you need suggestions let me know..

How do you incorporate good fat into your diet?


9 thoughts on “What do we actually need for proper nutrition?

  1. panorkle says:

    It seems to be getting harder and harder to find good old fashioned food. As soon as we get a place with a bigger yard the veggie patch is going in. For the time being, we’ve resorted to planting a handful of stuff in big pots so our little munchkin doesn’t think veggies and herbs grow on supermarket shelves.

    I’d love to see a proper butter vs margarine vs I can’t believe it’s not axle grease vs ‘spread’ rant.

    • Peppermint tea thyme says:

      Hi, your comment did work and believe me – there certainly will be a butter vs marg debate.. the margarine industry makes me so mad :)

      You’re right though – its getting harder to buy proper food – if i go to the supermarket I just shop around the perimeter and avoid anything in a packet. We also have some great local veggie shops and farmers markets, as well as organic/health food shops..

  2. David Manz says:

    Miranda, this is terrific to see your blog. I can help you with fresh veges and just so you get what you want you can plant some too. Its very theraputic and there is product sharing too.

  3. FlyingDrunkenMonkey says:

    Love the new blog!
    I’ve been trying to eat better and am finding meal planning is really helping. I’d probably just eat packet stuff if I didn’t have a plan but now I know I’m eating fish at least once a week, lots of veggies and vegetarian meals and some good meat as well.
    I’m interested to hear about the marg debate too. Do you include olive oil spreads as marg?

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